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Experience the finest Safari and the thrill of exploring the wild places of Africa with a specialist wildlife guide

About Andrew Schofield

Andrew Schofield

Andrew Schofield is an Ecologist, Conservationist, Lecturer and South African National Cultural & Nature Tour Guide.

Ecologist, Conservationist and Lecturer:

Conservation has been the theme of Andrew`s life with influences by many likeminded people that he has met over the years.

Andrew and his persevering team, where first in the world to release White Lions back into the wild. This long and intense project has resulted in now free roaming white lions in Africa. These projects have culminated in a book, "White Lion back to the wild" that tells the story of how the lions were returned to their natural habitat and how game reserves are created.

Andrew has:

  • Created wildlife reserves in areas that have not had game for hundreds of years.
  • Collected, translocated and successfully habituated species of Elephant, Rhino, Cheetah, Lion and many Antelope to new reserves.
  • Extensive research on the Rock Art of Southern Africa has resulted in a documentary film.
  • Completed comprehensive studies on cultural and historical fields, aspects that are vital to understanding the makeup of South Africa.
  • Lectured to conservation students from all over the world.

A National Tour Guide:

  • With a passion for Africa, nothing gives Andrew greater pleasure than introducing guests to the wildlife, birdlife and the different plant kingdoms represented here.
  • Guides guests to all of the provinces in South Africa and has been a tour leader on many expeditions to other African countries like Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania and more.
  • Based in Cape Town, he is very knowledgeable of the history, culture and nature of the Western Cape.
  • Andrew has been a Tour Manager and Group Leader on many cruises around Africa and the Islands off her coast, Australasia and the Indian Ocean Islands. On these tours Andrew gives a series of Lectures on the Ecology of these areas and specifically where the ship visits.

Other Interests:

You will often find Andrew, being a very keen day hiker, walking in the mountains of the Cape with a camera in hand. He loves taking guests up into the mountains for hikes and to our world famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.